France: Marine Le Pen’s convoy attacked by left-wing extremists in Dijon (VIDEO)

The convoy of Marine Le Pen, the leader of the populist National Rally party, was attacked on Tuesday by a mob of left-wing extremists in Dijon. The attack occurred just after Le Pen had given a press conference at a local hotel.

In a video clip, which was captured by French media company CNews, a mob of hooded individuals can be seen kicking and throwing projectiles at the procession of cars. At one point, an occupant inside of one of the vehicles in the convoy can be seen praying the rabid attackers with what appears to be large canister of pepper spray.


The attack on Marine Le Pen’s convoy took place on the same day that French special forces were deployed to the city of Dijon, following three nights of ethnic violence between Chechen gangs and Maghreb Arab drug dealers, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

After shocking video footage of migrant gangs armed with automatic firearms, bats, iron rods, and other lethal weapons emerged and circulated on social media, Le Pen was quick to slam France’s liberal interior minister for allowing the anarchy and violence to take place.

 “Our country sinks into chaos! What is Christophe Castaner doing? Gangs are waging an ethnic war, automatic weapon in hand. This is, in all clarity, the reality of the impoverishment, ” Marine Le Pen tweeted on Monday.


During the press conference on Tuesday, Le Pen proposed a set of measures aimed at “recovering the lost territories of the Republic”.

“Communitarianism no longer hesitates to assert itself – we see it in Dijon and in Nice – by parades of armed groups acting in full view of everyone. We have gone one step too far,” Le Pen said. “There is no worse fate for a country than civil war.”

Le Pen also lambasted the hands approach taken by Dijon’s local police force who, between Friday and Sunday, failed to make a single arrest as heavily armed migrants took over the streets of the city.

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