Italy: Migrants brought by Sea-Watch convicted of severe crimes

Three migrants were convicted in a Sicilian court recently for a long list of crimes, including torture, sexual violence, human trafficking, involvement with criminal organisations, and even murder. The three were all brought to Sicily last year by the infamous pro-migrant Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Sea-Watch, which is based in Germany.

The three were each sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment in a court in the Sicilian city of Messina, according to a report by Junge Freiheit. The migrants were a Guinean national, aged 22, and two Egyptians, aged 24 and 26 respectively.

The convicts were brought to Sicily after being picked up in the Mediterranean by the migrant transport Sea-Watch 3. They arrived in Sicily on September 16. The vessel is commanded by Captain Carola Rackete, a German national who has made headlines in her efforts to transport migrants to European shores.

In June last year, Rackete illegally dropped off migrants at Italy’s port at Lampedusa in spite of offers from Libya to take them, and despite the Italian port being closed to migrants at the time, as previously reported by Voice of Europe. She is still being investigated for this offence.

The Italian government has not commented on the migrants’ convictions, but Matteo Salvini, the leader of the populist Right-wing Lega party, did not hesitate to make his views known. “These are the beautiful ‘treasures’ being brought to Italy by the ship’s clerk, the idol of the Left,” he said in a statement.

Petr Bystron, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee for the Right-wing Alternative for Germany party, went even further in his accusations. “The case of Rackete clearly shows that you don’t need to ‘criminalise’ the smugglers because they are already criminals,” he said according to another report by Junge Freiheit. “Carola Rackete was rightly arrested by the Italian authorities last year when she illegally forced herself into the port of Lampedusa. Now we learn that she had convicted murderers and rapists on board and brought them illegally to Europe.”

“Everyone who once fashioned these common criminals as heroes must now reexamine their actions very critically,” Bystron added.


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