Report: Berlin authorities knowingly placed children under the care of pedophiles for decades

A disturbing study has revealed that German authorities allowed homeless children to be routinely placed under the care of pedophile foster parents for decades.

A study carried out by academics at the University of Hildesheim has brought to light that homeless children in West Berlin were knowingly placed under the “care” of pedophile men. The so-called experiment, which Berlin politicians allowed to take place over a period of 30 years, was conducted by psychology professor Helmut Kentler, a man who argued that the pedophile men would make ideal foster parents for troubled children.

Kentler is said to have believed that “sexual contact between children and adults is not harmful”

During the grotesque experiment, ten parentless children were placed under the care of pedophile foster fathers who were paid by the German government to “look after” the children. Two of the children who were used a subjects in Kentler’s experiment have come since come forward to speak about the sexual abuse that they were subjected to.

“The study left no doubt about Kentler’s intentions. He used his influence to place children with paedophiles,” an official from the Berlin Senate’s department of education, youth, and family, said

University of Hildesheim researchers discovered that some of the foster fathers were prominent academics, Deutsche Welle reports.  What researchers haven’t been able to bring to light, however, is to what extent Berlin politicians, authorities, and especially youth welfare services were involved in allowing the horrific events to take place.

Responding to the report, Sandra Shceers, a Berlin senator for youth and children, said that “It was a crime under state responsibility.”

“What was done to children and adolescents at the time is deeply shattering.”

“I have no interest in sweeping anything under the carpet. The senate administration will face its responsibility,” Sheers noted.

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