Sweden: Migrant who killed girlfriend and cut her up found guilty, name released

A Swedish court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to show that Tishko Ahmed, the Kurdish migrant who murdered his 17-year-old girlfriend, Wilma Andersson, last November and then cut her body up into pieces is guilty of the crime. His sentencing has been postponed, however, pending a psychiatric examination.

Ahmed, 23, is believed to have killed Wilma following an argument at his home in Wakesborg, Uddevalla, on November 14, 2019, as previously reported by Voice of Europe. An intensive manhunt for Wilma was initially launched when it was believed she had disappeared. But police ultimately discovered Wilma’s head in a suitcase in a closet in the migrant’s home several weeks later, as well as traces of blood elsewhere in his flat. The rest of Wilma’s body has not yet been recovered.

Ahmed maintained his innocence on the grounds that he could not have been guilty of the crime since the fact that he had kept her head indicated that he loved her, and thus was incapable of hurting her. Ahmed’s lawyer stated that he will argue that Ahmed was framed for the murder.

Ahmed first came to Sweden as a refugee in 2001. He was mysteriously fast-tracked for Swedish citizenship in 2014 after having been rejected for a permanent residence permit on several previous occasions, as also reported by Voice of Europe.

The Uddevalla Prosecutor charged Ahmed with murder and disturbing marital peace, among other crimes. The Uddevalla District Court, which heard his case starting on May 26 and ending on Tuesday, ruled that there is convincing evidence that he is guilty of the charges, according to a statement released on the court’s website.

However, the pronouncement of the verdict in Ahmed’s case has been postponed pending a forensic psychiatric examination, which is expected to take four weeks. Ahmed will be held in custody in the meantime and the court’s hearing on his case will continue.



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